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Specialist Operations Advisor, Canberra Metro, Australia

Providing Specialist Operations Advice During the Design Phase of Canberra Metro Light Rail

Canberra Metro is a new build light rail metro project that will connect the outer suburbs of Canberra to the city Centre. This is the first light rail metro network to be introduced to Canberra that has traditionally been serviced by buses.

Canberra Metro engaged TMA Global to provide a Specialist Operations Advisor to provide advice during the construction phase of the project in order to gain an end user operational perspective during the design and construction of the network.

TMA are supporting both operations and the design and build in the areas of:

  • Assisting with the design of the Meridian operating control system

  • System signalling design reviews and advice

  • A revolutionary new concept in light rail signalling using the Meridian system to maximise calling time at an intersection through the use of GPS and VCOM loops to give light rail priority while causing the least disruption to other road users

  • GUI design for the operating system and SCADA

  • Working with human factors in GUI development

  • Working closely with Tyco, the designers of Meridian, to ensure the correct requirements and protocols are met

  • Operations procedures review

  • Emergency services planning support

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