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AMG Line Extension Project

The RapidKL Ampang Line Extension consisted of the new build extension of the existing rail corridor from Sri Petaling to Putra Heights, and the implementation of the Thales Seltrac CBTC signalling systems across the new and pre-existing sections.

TMA consultants’ role on this project were two-fold:

  • to provide operational advice on the operation of the new CBTC system,

  • and to provide operational rules and operating procedures to enable the safe phased implementation of the system


As part of the project, TMA conducted a review of contractor technical manuals and operator guides for all new build systems, equipment, rolling stock and signalling equipment, as well as a review of existing rules, procedures, emergency response plans, and network infrastructure. From these reviews, TMA developed a set of Standard Operational Procedures to be used during migration activities when crossing over from the old to the new, and new Rule Books for implementation across the network once migration to the new signalling system was complete. As part of this process, TMA chaired meetings with senior management and staff to introduce, explain, discuss and ratify the new procedures to be implemented on the upgraded rail network.


TMA gave consultancy advice on the impact of the introduction of the new technology and its effects on the operational performance of the railway to ensure the client fully understood the implications of the rules and procedures being introduced, and the issues that must be addressed whenever alterations or amendments are being considered.


TMA provided extensive operational advice and guidance to RapidKL on the new systems being implemented, including the development of Trial Running scenarios to be conducted during the initial migration and operations on the first of the new build sections of the guideway. During the trial running activities, TMA oversaw and reviewed staff performance on the implementation of new rules, processes and procedures. TMA also provided advice to the build contractor on operational issues and procedures required for the safe operation of the construction railway and the interface issues between the old and new sections and systems.

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