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Redesign & Delivery of Driver Training

Transnet Freight in South Africa wanted to overhaul and redesign the way in which they trained new freight train drivers. The existing programme was outdated and taking longer than necessary to train and qualify new drivers.

To realise their goals, Transnet Freight commissioned TMA to review and redesign their freight driver training programme. TMA developed an innovative approach to deliver a learner centred programme that included TMA trainers facilitating all theoretical training of the pilot training programme. This included:

  • Reviewing all Transnet operational and technical information

  • Design and develop a complete end-to-end learner centred training programme and assessment tools from Safeworking rules and principles to rolling stock and infrastructure

  • Host 53 Transnet trainee drivers in Melbourne, Australia and facilitate all learner led theoretical training

  • Design and develop practical on-job training programme, trainee logbooks and assessment tools

  • Develop a tailored train-the-trainer course and deliver the course to Transnet trainers in South Africa

  • Project manage the implementation of the practical on-job training programme across depots in Johannesburg, Ladysmith and Durban in South Africa

  • Provide advice and support to the Training Manager, Supervisors and On-Job Trainers during the implementation of the on-job training programme.

The new learner led focus of the theoretical training gave ownership of the learning experience to the trainees that resulted in a robust understanding and high retention of knowledge. The practical on-job training programme provided a structured and measurable application of practical skills that was easily reviewed through trainee logbooks. The new programme resulted in all trainees completing their training and qualifying as drivers within half the time of the old scheme.

TMA’s new approach to the design and delivery of the Freight Driver Training Programme was integral to Transnet’s culture change programme.

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