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Reflecting on 2018 and what is coming in 2019!

As another year rolls to an end the TMA Global team can look back at what a successful, eventful and most of all, enjoyable 12 months it has had. TMA Global have been operating, internationally, since 1998 and has evolved its branding and the services that it provides to the industry.

Whilst remembering the challenges of starting a company and growing it in the transport industry has kept us focused on our Clients, it has also inspired us to help various associates and start-up companies to gain a foothold in the industry. TMA’s record of outstanding performance means that we are very particular when selecting partners. However, this year we have helped five other organisation's, an achievement that is central to our ‘alliance’ philosophy.

TMA Global is a small yet unique organisation and we appreciate the Government and Multi-national organisation's that we work with for their continued faith in us and the work that we do. Our Clients are an integral part of our story and thanks to their openness and willingness to try new approaches, the whole industry has and will continue to benefit.

TMA’s own team of industry experts have been very busy in projects across the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and the UK and we plan to grow further into Europe and the US in the new year.

The transport industry is changing, and we must change and grow with it, as being a leader of new and innovative ways of supplying the industry is key to the advancement of the services our clients provide to their clients and to the public.

If you would like to talk to us about:

  • partnering opportunities on projects of any size, whether that’s one consultant or several consultants

  • transport advisory services

  • training, and competency

  • enhancing the customer experience

  • performance management and improvement

  • or any other railway/bus/marine/autonomous vehicle requirements.

Then please feel free to contact us then at

If you have worked with us in the past, please feel free to like and share this post. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.


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