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Technical Documentation, Safety Management Systems & Audits

TMA has extensive experience in the development of the Safety Management Systems that define the necessary arrangements to achieve Safety Case approval.

Our experience of global networks and systems provide our specialist consultants with the knowledge, understanding and tools to develop, review and audit:

  • System, Operational & Maintenance requirements

  • Corporate, Operations & Maintenance strategies

  • Corporate policies

  •  Safeworking Rules and Rule Books

  • Organisational processes

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Detailed Work Instructions

TMA provides a Turnkey Solution to technical

documentation, from the setting of detailed requirements through to the testing and demonstration of operational readiness.


Our consultants use their technical knowledge and industry experience when reviewing technical documentation on systems, subsystems and interfaces in order to gain a thorough understanding of system performance, potential and limitations. This understanding enables them to develop effective processes, operating procedures, work instructions and rules & regulations for the safe operation of any system.


A deep understanding of the processes involved in the development of safe systems of working enables TMA consultants to review and audit existing rules, procedures and processes to produce comprehensive audit reports that highlight good practice, areas of concern and process improvements.

To find out more about TMA Global's Technical Services, please get in touch by clicking the button below.

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