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TMA Global Partners


Adastra Group

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Adastra helps businesses aim for the stars.

We specialise in designing and delivering bespoke programmes that combine developing high performing teams and empowering people with deploying innovative tools and techniques to help embed a sustainable culture of operational excellence.

We help organisations develop, deploy, and deliver robust strategic business plans, create an environment and capability that supports continuous improvement, and go on to meet challenging business targets and be seen to be delivering excellent value for their customers.


We are passionate about what we do. We have a love of helping, coaching, and inspiring people and teams to be the best they can be; we also believe that for organisations to excel truly, they have to be open to experimentation, innovation, and new technologies to solve business problems continuously improve.


Opal Training Services

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Opal Training Services is a training and consultancy business with proven experience of successfully managing and delivering training and people readiness projects, with particular experience in the rail and transport and HR sectors.  


Our expertise is particularly relevant during the mobilisation and stabilisation stages of a project. It typically includes management of the training workstream, leadership development, and people's readying to deliver an outstanding customer experience in line with corporate objectives. Our excellent track record means that we have built long-term relationships with many clients who call on our services on an ongoing basis.

AMICI Consulting

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Amici is an outcome led consultancy with proven experience of successfully delivering at all stages of the project life cycle and with specialist technical, operational and strategic expertise in the rail and transport sectors.


We are solid in mobilisation, analysis, troubleshooting, planning, budgeting, technical authorship, quality assurance (bid submissions, compliance, governance and SQE documentation), handover, leadership development and all aspects of training and people development in regulated and unionised environments where assurance is key.


Our excellent record means we enjoy ongoing and long-standing relationships with our clients, many of whom list us as preferred suppliers.

International Transport Training & Development


Rail Operations and Safety Consulting

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International Transport Training & Development (ITTD) Pty Ltd is an independent partnership-oriented business that specialises in providing training & consultancy services and people placements to the Transport Industry. Based in Australia, ITTD delivers industry-leading consultancy services and training through strategic partnerships and first-class customer service to provide cost-effective O&M consultancy and training options with customer-tailored products that are value for money.


Transport Operations and Maintenance is our core area of expertise with staff and associates who have worked on light, heavy and high-speed freight and passenger rail and tram networks. We have specialists in training and competence who are experts not only in transportation but also in the implementation of training and competence systems within this environment.


ITTD has aided in the development of many existing and new build projects through the placement of our independent consultants directly to clients, or through the placement of teams to manage and fill gaps in existing organisations by providing advice on organisational development, implementation of performance measures and KPI appraisals, operational design and functionality, development of Rule Books, O&M Manuals, Policies, Procedures and Work Instructions, and Auditing of systems.

Rail Operations and Safety Consulting are a Small Business Enterprise specialising in operational rail safety. We develop Rail Safety Management Systems, investigate rail accidents, consider the Human Factors in rail operations and facilitate safety workshops. We use our 30+ years of experience to provide services, assistance and advice you need to manage operational safety risks. 

Rail Operations and Safety Consulting (ROSC) service outcomes can only be achieved by being completely honest in our assessment of a client’s needs and seeking to help them achieve a solution while being mindful of the costs of doing business. ROSC have a keen customer focus on risk management and opportunity-based approaches that support our client's objectives, ROSC brings extensive expert and specialist knowledge to key areas of operational rail safety, safety management systems and safe operating procedures, systems audit and independent accident investigation.

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